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Selecting Medical Billing and Coding Schools

Medical billing and coding schools will be supporting one of the fastest growing healthcare professions in the country. The growing need for healthcare professionals is staggering. Getting your (CBCS) Certified Billing and Coding Specialist certification will get you in to this great healthcare field!

Selecting From Recommended Medical Billing and Coding Schools

There are a few factors we feel you should be aware of and consider when selecting your coding and billing program. Picking the right school that fits all your needs is essential to your success! Below we inspect them all to provide you with as much insight as possible so you can be successful in your quest for success as a (CBCS) Certified Billing and Coding Specialist.

Finding the Right Medical Coding and Billing Programs

Medical billing and coding schools in your area will not be difficult to find. Community colleges, vocational training centers and online schools are just some of the places you can find accredited medical billing and coding training.

What To Look For in a Medical Coding and Billing Program

Below are what we consider the top factors to selecting the right coding and billing program. Hopefully we can sift through some of the information for you and get you going in the right direction right away!

Look at Accredited Medical Billing Programs

With the government cracking down on for profit unaccredited schools it is essential that you check your schools accreditation. Below are two places where you can do that in a few clicks::

(AHIMA) American Health Information Management Association 

(AAPC) American Academy of Professional Coders 

Medical Coding School Reputation

Do some quick background on the school yourself. Check Facebook, twitter or simply Google the schools for any news that may be negative or positive. You never know what you may find. Maybe the school just got an award!

Having a track record of employment is also something to look into. See if you can reach out to prior students or those who currently work as billing and coding specialists.

Location and Cost

Location matters. Travel time, gas costs, children, work and who knows what else can take time from your day. We don’t need to add to that with picking a school that is not in your area of comfort. Weighing your options means you need all the information. Find out where the physical school is and map it out.

Program Cost

Money matters all the time. So keep that in mind when selecting your school. Look at all your options from college courses to online training classes. Be smart and be open minded and keep your eye on costs.


What kind of resources the program offers is key to a successful medical billing school, let alone your education. Below we talk about the resources a school should offer you:

Certification Exam Prep

The medical billing and coding certification is critical for your career and should be respected. Make sure your perspective school has a program to prepare you for it. Don’t just rely on the school but it can be a real tool for success if they do!

Degree Opportunities

See if their or advanced degree opportunities at the school. Maybe just a few more classes and you can be an advanced billing and coding specialist! Upward growth is always needed for success and maybe you can get a head start!

Job Placement Programs

Another bonus that some schools offer is job placement assistance. Whoa this is cool when available. It can really help you. The assistance can actually lead to interviews. Which is all we can ask for right?

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Time to Select Billing and Coding Programs!

With the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics showing a 21% growth over the next decade for aspiring billers and coders, this is a top career choice to look at! Find schools below or in the top right corner in our directory!

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